Autonomy with Attention.

Elevate safety and focus with Observant's Driver Attention System.

Be Safe. Be Observant.

Uncover the tools that keep drivers alert, connected, and driving safely.
Real-time Alerts

Real-time feedback for both drivers and fleet managers, enhancing responsiveness and road safety.

Local Detection

Cutting-edge technology that detects unsafe driving directly on the device.

On iPhone

Observant leverages iPhone's TrueDepth sensor to offer unparalleled accuracy in driver attention assessment.

Hyper Portable

Install an Observant iPhone in your vehicle in 2 minutes or less. Removal takes 30 seconds, for when you're going driverless.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Ensuring Safety with Every Glance
Advanced Attention Detection

Harnessing the power of iPhone's TrueDepth sensor, Observant's DMS ensures that drivers remain attentive, drastically reducing potential road risks.

Instantaneous Alerts

In cases of distraction or fatigue, our system swiftly triggers audible alerts, rousing the driver while capturing the event for further analysis.

Comprehensive Event Review

Integrated with our web dashboard, every critical event is recorded and stored. Fleet managers can effortlessly review and assess driver performance.

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Precision Tracking

3D Interior Modeling for Enhanced Tracking

With custom 3D models of each vehicle interior, Observant's DMS achieves unparalleled precision in tracking driver attention, ensuring that every glance and gesture is accurately captured and analyzed.